5 Fitness Myths You Should Leave in 2017

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1. Waist Trainers/Sweatbands

Waist Trainers and Sweatbands are marketed as devices which help you to lose weight around your waist. Naturally wearing any tight item around any part of the body whilst exercising will increase body temperature around that part of your body, which is likely to lead to sweat, which in turn means weight loss, only that the weight lost is water which will return once the body is rehydrated.

Aside being inefficacious, waist trainers and sweatbands can be dangerous long term. They can restrict and hamper your breathing, weaken your core muscles and in doing potentially hamper your results as a strong core is the foundation of effective and good exercise technique.

Our Verdict: Save your money, focus on getting steady and long term results, where you lose weight on your body and the narrowness of your waist in comparison to your hips is largely genetic, you can only enhance what you have been blessed with, Make the most of what you have, and be the very best version of yourself.

2. Slim Tea/Slim Coffee

Slim teas and coffees which claim to ‘cleanse your colon’, ‘de-bloat you’ ‘accelerate weight-loss’ are often gimmicks laced with laxatives. Many people find that they use the toilet often and in doing so lose a great deal of water, which shows lost pounds on the scale, however the fat reserves remain and so once they re-hydrate or begin to eat as before they find that their weight increased.

Our Verdict: As with everything in life, nothing good and worth having comes easy. Do not harm yourself in a bid to lose weight rapidly.

3. Manly Exercises

The concept of manly exercises is a myth, there are no exercises exclusive to men and their are no exercises which one will do and become ‘manly’ or muscly. To begin weight lifting or body weight exercises which are often seen as manly are really good for women, it improves functionality and strength which is key to a nice, shapely firm body.

Moreover, increasing muscle mass requires deliberate action and focus, simply lifting weights or doing pull ups will not make you muscly, you need to eat in a specific manner to be muscly.

Our Verdict: Weight train, either with artificial weights or your body weight, it burns fat continuously even beyond the workout. Moreover the more muscle you have the faster you burn energy reserves.

4. Eating after 6pm means you put on weight

This is often said time and time again, simply put it doesn’t matter when you eat, the energy from the food is the same irrespective of what time of the day. Whether you put on weight is dependent how many calories you consume in comparison to how you burn, if the former exceeds the latter you will out on weight even if you eat before 4pm. The reason for avoiding late night eating is to aid digestion and sleep. Eating late means the body is still working to break the food whilst you sleep, this can mean discomfort and or waking up feeling bloated.

Our Verdict: Listen to your body, eat healthy every few hours (ideally 5 small meals a day). The reason you may want to avoid heavy carbohydrates at night is because you are unlikely to use the energy reserve but if your schedule means you have to eat dinner at 9pm, do just make sure it is balanced and wholesome and that you allow for about 3 hours to pass before you go to bed.

5. All Calories are the same

All Calories are not the same, 50 calories of pure protein versus 50 calories of saturated fat has different effects on your body and physique. The former can repair torn up muscles following workout and can serve as a good way of replenishing energy reserves and maintaining a toned physique. The latter can increase cellulite, cholesterol and hamper results in the gym.

Our Verdict: Focus less on calories and more on the quality for the food you are eating.

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