About Sofiticated

Who we are

Our name is derived from the words Sophisticated and Fitness. Sophisticated derives its meaning from the ancient Greek words, sophia and sophos, which mean to be wise, actively learning and knowledgeable. From these words came another Greek word; ‘Sophist’, which emphasized individualism and the importance of self presentation. To be fit is to have the quality of being healthy, strong and having sense of self-worth. It thus becomes apparent that one who is fit is sophisticated. With this in mind, we have devised an “-ing” culture; one being, doing, seeing, creating, lifting, achieving, these are all words that encapsulate who we are.

“Sofiticated is a verb, it is a state of being and a way of living.”

What we are

We are a premier hub and an authority on sophisticated living and holistic well-being. We believe that to exercise and eat healthy is wise, and that being fit translates to life of outstanding opportunity, achievement and sophistication. With holistic wellbeing and savoir faire at the core of our philosophy, we have roots across four key spheres Wellness, Travel, Work, Style.

“Sofiticated is your guide to fitness and savoir faire.”


To be Sofiticated

The Sofiticated woman is not on a path, She is creating her path. She is bold, strong, unstoppable, driven, sociable, well-rounded, and highly revered. She recognises that being fit and wholesome holistically in all areas of her life are keys to success. She is a queen learning to master herself, and she realises that everything she needs to fulfil her mission is within her. The Sofiticated woman has a reason for being.


“To be Sofiticated is to lead a healthy, purposeful and cultured life.


Our Values

We know who we are, we live what we preach; our words and actions are aligned. Our manner is long-term, our approach is longevity and our lifeline is balance. We take an open- minded, unbiased and service-centric approach to servicing your needs. We test the waters, so you need not. We will never suggest methods and products we don’t think are worthy of your time or wallet. Your trust, above all things, is what we value.