Battle of the Belts: The Truth About Waist Slimming

Many of you have asked us about waist training/waist slimming. You want to know which is the best ‘belt’?

We investigated, here’s the truth:

Waist Trainer

Most waist cinchers are made from spandex/latex with some plastic/steel boning. They are wide, adjustable (zipper or hook-and-eye closures) and they cover from under the bust to the top of the hips.

Use: To give an hourglass effect; reduce waist size and accentuate curves. For results must be worn 12 hours daily.

Safety: Harmful to organs; long term they can misplace organs, limit blood and oxygen flow to vital organs. Can cause dehydration and increases chances of indigestion.

Effectiveness: Fasten a rubber band to your wrist, done? Great, now leave it there for 5 minutes, time up? Now take it off, what do you see? A dent, yes that’s the same effect a waist trainer has, the compressed appearance reverts back as soon as the waist trainer comes off or as soon as you rehydrate.

Verdict: A waist trainer is not going to slim down your waist. If you wear it enough to see shrinkage, you might find that your organs also shift in the process. You may also find that your stomach muscles weaken and you need those for a strong, toned and healthy physique.

Traditional Corsets

Corsets traditionally are made from cloth and ivory/wood/steel/plastic. The cloth is for flexibility and the strong materials for boning. The corset is the ‘customised’ to the wearer by lacing it firmly at the back. Jessica Alba lauded the corset as being effective for weight loss.

Use: To give an hourglass effect; reduce waist size drastically. For results, it must be fastened really tightly.

Safety: They can result in poor digestion, poor breathing and they have been known to cause death.

Effectiveness: If you wear it long enough, tolerate the extreme waist constriction and breathing difficulties, your waist size may eventually reduce.

Verdict: There are healthier ways to ‘shrink the waist’, a nutritious balanced diet is a good place to begin. Combine healthy eating with consistent cardio and weight lifting; you’ll find that your waist shrinks with no risk of death as a result of the shrinkage.

Training Belt

These are often made out of leather with some foam padding for extra comfort.

Use: To provide support, and to stabilise the spine during weight lifting.

Safety: Worn correctly, they are really safe.

Effectiveness: They allow for better performance; with a training belt you can lift more, which in turn means more gains. So for example, if growing a bottom is your focus, squatting progressively heavy with the help of a training belt can increase the effectiveness of workouts.

Verdict: Plan on lifting heavy? Use one!

Slimming/Sweat Belt

These are often flexible body wrap belts made out of Neoprene, the idea is to create a sauna effect around your midsection.

Use: Worn under clothing during workouts to increase sweat production around the abdomen and get rid of excess water weight.

Safety: It’s a more gentle compression than the waist cincher and the corset. You must ensure that it’s snug and well fitting but also loose enough to allow for use of core muscles.

Effectiveness: You will sweat, however, once you rehydrate the water weight will come back on.

Verdict: It can be a good way to get rid of excess water weight, however for real fat loss and toning – nothing beats hard work. Moreover if after weight is a real concern for you, consider reducing your salt intake.

Abdominal Compression Binder

This is a medical apparatus designed for use after surgery to the abdominal area. These bands are adjustable and they provide medium to firm compression. The binder is not specific to postpartum use, however, they are used often by recently delivered mothers.

Use: These are often used to help support the midsection after surgery in the abdomen.

Safety: Used correctly, they are safe.

Effectiveness: They have been known to support pulverised stomach muscles and help tackle diastasis recti.

Verdict: Consult your physician first, but they could be helpful for nursing your midsection back to strength after childbirth.

We have provided you with the information, the choice is yours; which of the belts do you think is the best? Comment and let us know, you may just find that we send you one for free.


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