Sofiticated Insider: The Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisboa

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisboa

Lisbon is a city of seven hills; usually one would have to hike to get a good view. Whilst we support all forms of getting active, we like two-for-one experiences. As a result of its placement atop one of the city’s seven hills, The Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisboa provides just that. The hotel guarantees  272 out of its 282 room panoramic views of the historic city. The structure was designed in 1952 by the Dictator Salazar.  His aim, allegedly, was to show that Lisbon is able to do luxury as well as any other European capital. The hotel boasts grand decor, hand woven tapestries, enchanting suites, delightful restaurants and a glorious wellness center.  In two words, the Four Seasons Ritz Lisboa for us, speaks ‘Urban Sophistication’.

Four Seasons Lisbon Hotel Ritz

Though it seems plain from the outside, the interior of the hotel is elegant, spacious and vivacious.  Immediately after the lobby comes the Alma Negreiros Lounge, a yellow welcoming space, adorned with lush 18th century furniture, beautiful wall art and a lively sculpture collection.  The lounge named after a famous Portuguese artist Jose Almada Negreiro, gazes into the calming Eduardo VII park. It provides a serene environment  to enjoy afternoon tea.

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisboa - Grand One-bedroom Suite - Sofiticated
The Grand One-bedroom Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

The bedrooms mirror the exquisite elegance that is the signature of the Four Seasons brand across the world. The suites, well placed with spacious terraces, afford guests exclusive picturesque views of the city.

A favourite feature in the Four Seasons Ritz Lisboa is it’s romantic restaurant, the Varanda. The Varanda – a gastronomic gem, boasts a delectable fresh seafood menu and an exciting Mediterrenean grills selection. It also provides breataking views of the Eduardo VII park, making it the perfect romantic spot.

Mostnoteworthy is the wonderful ambiance of the wellness centre at the Four Seasons ritz Lisboa. Situated at the summit of the 10-storey edifice, the centre grants you an exclusive experience of Lisbon. It is bathed in natural sunlight, adorned with an Olympic size track, a spacious pool and treadmills overlooking the city. Undeniably, the placement of the wellness area is motivation for staying active during your stay.

How Sofiticated is it:

Fitness: 4.5

Food: 4

Savoir Faire: 3.5

Overall: 4


For more information about the Four Seasons Lisboa, feel free to visit their website

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