Gym Etiquette: A Few Pointers

Keep Things Fresh

Shower and clean your gym clothes before going to the gym. ‘But I am going sweat, what is the point?’ The trouble is, the gym is a public yet intimate space, do not subject other people to the smell of stale sweat in their bid to remain active. Moreover reusing dirty gym clothes is an invitation to bad skin.

Wipe Down Equipment

Sweating in the gym is standard, however, out of respect for other users, clean up your bodily fluids after using a machine. When in doubt the rule of thumb should be ‘would I like to find the machine in this state.’

Respect Personal Space

This might not seem like a big deal. However, it contributes to helping put you and the people around you at ease. Where there is a row of treadmills free there is no need to chose one right next to another person unless you know them and you know they’d like you that close.


Working hard is important, so also is being considerate. Be aware of your surroundings if someone looks like they are waiting for the machine, ask if they’d like to jump in, so you take it in turns.

Do not Distract others

It is nice that you want to be sociable at the gym but it inconsiderate for you to distract other people in the process. If you can see that a person is mid-workout, it is not okay to strike up a conversation. A clear sign of not wanting to be disturbed is when an individual has headphones in, leave them alone to focus. If it essential perhaps wait till they have finished their session.

Is your outfit appropriate

Being comfortable in what you wear to the gym, is crucial. However, it is vital that you do not unsettle other people in the process, ensure that your gym outfit is full-proof. Check that your gym tights do not become translucent in the light for example or that your gym shorts do not reveal your intimate area as you stretch in yoga class.

Use the hairdryer for the hair on your head

Dryer availability is often limited, so try to only use the hairdryers for what they ought to be used for.

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