A Letter to… My Younger Self: Be Strategic

A Letter to my younger self…

You won’t believe me when I tell you “your Lord will give you and you will be satisfied” and “you will call upon him and he will answer…” in ways, you didn’t even know to ask for. Believe me, all things will work together for your good.

You are an ambitious woman. You want to be a boss who has it all, which is great. However, you must first learn that higher education is a game. You must learn to play it not only survive but also to thrive in the way you want to.

Make friends, befriend those who know what they are doing. Pay attention to those who actively participate in seminars, particularly in classes that you do not. Be in tune with those who understand how to make the most of all that university has to offer, make friends with them, make them allies; they will come in handy. They will turn out to be the difference between an outstanding degree and a mediocre one.

Have as much fun at you can at university. There is no prize for being a homebody at University. In fact, many of the “party animals” will get 1st and 2:1s. Party, however, learn balance. If you cannot balance, choose the safer option, fewer regrets to be had that way.

Broaden your horizons, do not be limited by your degree. Explore your interests fully. If something seems interesting or seems like something you think you have the right skills for, look into it, do not limit yourself to any industry.

Do not be stifled by fear. Apply to all the Ivy Leagues, apply to the top tier law firms, apply to top organisations Mama, don’t keep yourself out of the running out of fear of disappointment. Do not disqualify yourself before these institutions and organizations get a chance to meet you. You already know, but let me remind you, life begins outside of your comfort zone. Do your part and let God do the rest.

As you look for jobs, do not be discouraged or become jealous when others get what you want/desire. Your path is different, as is your purpose. Focus on you, your path and your purpose. Be comforted by the fact that God’s grace is in your neighbourhood, so your time is near.

Before interviews and before you submit applications, speak to people who work for the companies you are applying to or interviewing with. They have experience and insight that intelligence may not get you. Seek help through mentorship, even informally. You will come to learn that experience is what gives older folks the ability to drastically improve cover letters. You can’t see standing up, what they can see lying down. Do not be discouraged by that, learn, use their corrections to grow, your time will come.

Nurture relationships. The people you meet, the people you are introduced to, the people you go to school with and the people you work with. When people lean in, meet them halfway, work with them to make things happen for you. Let organic relationships form and when they do, nurture them.

Take care of your health: mental, spiritual and physical. Take care of them all. None is more important than the other, they all need attention. You cannot be the best version of yourself unless you take care of all.

Finally, do not be in a hurry. Everything happens at the appointed time. Growing up is a scam, it is gold without glitter, enjoy your teens , balance and make memories. Good Luck Mama.



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