On Success: Ibukun Awosika

Ibukun Abiodun Awosika a Nigerian business magnate, author and motivational speaker. She currently serves as Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria. We recently caught up with her and she had a few success tips for us :

What is important is not the degree certificate. Apply the education and knowledge you have gained to create unique solutions

Turn the value that has been invested in you into something more than your paycheck. Change your community

It’s not about having a product it’s about solving a problem

Performance has no gender, no body cares if you’re female or male, just show up! Every time you get an opportunity show up

Build a great network, major key to business success

Pay time to re-tooling and re-skilling yourself, it is the only way to stay on top

The only thing that is consistent is what is right and it is true for all seasons

Your life is a book, you are the author, every day write a good  story


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