Top Fitness Tips for 2019 from Nigeria’s Top Trainers

‘New Year, New me’ is the anthem we hear on the lips of many. Statistically most people are likely to fall of the bandwagon within the first month.  We don’t want that to happen to you so we asked some of the most influential trainers in the land – the people, celebrities (Davido, Chioma, Peruzzi, DJ Cuppy, FalztheBadGuy, Bovi, Ini Edo, Cee-Cee, AlexUnsual) and the elite  trust with their bodies, for the one piece of advice they have for you in 2019.

From learning a sport , to creating a network and doing cardio, this expert advice will push you closer to your goals this year.



1. “Find your tribe and create a support network.”” – Ima Akpan (@msima__)

Create a strong support team of people who energize you, inspire you, encourage you, and positively impact your lifestyle. When it comes to achieving New Year’s goals, people are generally accountable only to themselves and often that isn’t enough. Having a strong support network helps ensure that you will remain on track <span”>and maintain positive changes in your life. Ask yourself – “What people, resources, and environments can I draw on to help me realize my resolutions, overcome challenges, and sustain positive habits? You don’t have to do it alone.”


2. “Get familiar with bodyweight training.”” – Maje Ayida (@majeayida)

“Learn to workout at home in the mornings before your brain has a chance to make up excuses.” Here are some reasons for kickstarting your day with exercise:

  1. Working out in the morning will help you to be consistent – our schedules change day to day due to work or social commitments, but with a morning workout you own the first hour of each day .
  2. Movement is good for both physical and mental health – starting with exercise you will wake up your body, boost your mood and help you get ready to take on the day.
  3. Lastly, evidence has shown that morning workouts may improve the quality of your sleep – so if you find it hard to switch off at night, try exercising early in the morning as a remedy.


3. “Forget weight-loss, set a goal that involves acquiring a new skill.”” – Olu White (@thefitlawyerr)

Remove your focus from weight, set yourself a goal that excites you; make it one that one that involves acquiring a new skill or improving on an old one.

    • For visible back muscles, learn to do pull ups.
    • For abs of steel push up and plank (adv: incline push ups and plank jacks )
    • Strong lower body  master the squat, if it’s easy – load up the weights.
    • All round body gains? Turn the gym into your playground, learn to be explosive, choose a number of plyometric moves to master and work away.

This allows you to have fun and consistently feel a sense of achievement because your progress is trackable and quite hard to reverse in a way that weight related targets aren’t. For example, your pull up strength won’t suddenly vanish but you might find that your weight loss slows down or reverses a bit, if weight is your focus it might throw you off so forget weightloss – focus on skill.”


4. “Set Realistic Fitness & Wellness Goals.”” – Seyi Olusore (@shedamsfitness)

“New Year, New me” makes sense until day 364, when  you realise old habits stopped you from being new!
Set Realistic Fitness & Wellness Goals that will enhance your body Metabolism and keep you healthy.”

This might mean:

    1. Aiming for a water  intake of 2 litres daily.
    2. Eating right – incorporating fresh vegetables into every meal.
    3. Stay Physically Active – doing a brisk walk, run or HIIT training at home if you cannot make it to the gym.


5. “You must implement structure.”” – Mayokun Okunnu (@iceboxbodyrox)

“If you want your body to obey you, you must implement structure. Your body is like a child without structure, it will go haywire. Set some workable parameters for your day. By creating a structure it will be easier to devote time to invest in your body. “

Implementing structure might mean:

    1. Planning what days of the week working out is compulsory.
    2. Mapping out what your targeted body parts for the different days of the week might be.
    3. Creating a sustainable meal plan and making the meals ahead of time.

This way when it’s time to workout you are not faffing around.


6. “Take every workout to the highest level you can.” – Ed (@EdtheMachine)

Results are an accumulation of the effort you put into your training. The results you gain will reflect how hard you work, so it pays to put in 110% in every workout. You’re doing it already, so why not do it to the best of your ability.

“You have one body; good or bad, you are stuck in it,” ensuring it is fit and healthy should be taken seriously – Give every workout your all.


7. “Be strong willed.”” – Uduak Ikara (@uduak)

“Will power knows no obstacles. Once you determined, you do whatever it is you set your mind to. “

The will power applies in and out of workouts; “apply will power when working out,” apply willpower when you’re tempted to deviate from your healthy eating plan.

Stay determined and “watch as you become the best version of yourself.”


8. “Be Disciplined.”” – Priscilla Hart (@miley_hart)

I ask my clients “How bad do you want it?”

“The only way to achieve any goal is discipline. Discipline is the bridge between what you wish for and what you achieve.”

  • Being disciplined means sticking to the workout plan you set out for yourself.
  • Being disciplined means working out even when what you want to do is lick out a bowl of ice cream.
  • Being disciplined means picking a healthy meal over snacking on junk.

Discipline yourself! “It will be the difference between results and no results.”


9. “Be Honest with yourself.”” – Richard Umberto (@perfectroutines)

“Your fitness journey will require focus, consistency and discipline,” to keep track of these parameters you must be honest with yourself.

    1. Be honest enough to step up your workout routines when you start to find things easy.
    2. Be honest enough to switch up your training method when its no longer effective, no matter how much you like or a used to it.

Being honest, and being accountable to yourself will be key to achieving your goals.


10. “Learn & adopt a sporting activity alongside gym workouts.”” – Ekemini Ekerette (@kemen_fitness)

Learn or restarting a sport provides an alternative way of staying healthy and fit on days where gym workouts simply don’t cut it. Playing sport allows you to meet people and socialise whilst being active.


11. “Do more cardio.”” – Iyke Ugoh (@workoutwithiyk)

workoutwithiyk - Top Tips from Nigerian Fitness Trainers - Sofiticated

It will strengthen your heart muscles. This will in turn improve your resting heart and pumping efficiency. This will be key staying healthy and keeping heart disease and malfunctions at bay, long time.

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